c a r s t e n wrote:
ah! i had no idea that the firewall could suddenly be running without my telling freebsd to start it up. or, i probably told it to start it up without realising, is more likely.
If you compile the kernel with ipfw support compiled in, it always starts.

now i just have to figure out why mozilla 1.3a (sometimes?) won't take keystrokes in the url entryfield, and in forms as well.
I've been having the same problem.  What WM do you use?  I use enlightenment.
I haven't made a big stink about it because I discovered that if I minimize
the windows and then bring it back, normal behaviour is resumed.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Do we know if it's an X, FreeBSD, or
Mozilla problem?

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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