> People choosing FreeBSD shouldn't be "forced" to run windowish
> solution. The OS is not supported. That's a major problem in these
> modern times, although lots of fbsd people tend to say it is not.
> That's not everyday's live however. FreeBSD does not make the web.
I agree, I made a comment, last week when I noticed  I could not even Pay my
credit card bill
at a major US bank,on FreeBSD because of the lack of flash9. To me I find it
kind of a oxy moron
to have to load a Windows Application in wine, in order to complete a secure
financial transaction.
I wish there was a way for the FreeBSD community to let Adobe know that we
are out here.
I know there are online petitions and I have signed them.

I know the topic of flash 9 gets brought up every week on this list, or so
it seems.
but does anyone know if someone is working on getting Flash9 to work in
if there is someone working on it, maybe there should be a wiki page since
Flash9 is such a popular port.

I can say that I have saw a report from someone last week saying that the
new linux 2.6x emulation
in 8 -current  still does not make the flash9 port work in a stable manner.

Sam Fourman Jr.
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