On 2008-06-07, Dick Hoogendijk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Sat, 7 Jun 2008 15:33:26 -0500
> "Sam Fourman Jr." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> use Firefox for Windows and use wine, then install the windows Flash 9
>> plugin
> People choosing FreeBSD shouldn't be "forced" to run windowish
> solution. The OS is not supported. That's a major problem in these
> modern times, although lots of fbsd people tend to say it is not.
> That's not everyday's live however. FreeBSD does not make the web.

Flash is a big pain IMO.
The Flash question has been asked *a lot* of times on this list.
The answer usually boils down to "use www/nspluginwrapper" or "use
linux-firefox". Both "solutions" are far from optimal.
My solution is to simply ignore Flash content. It makes your "online experience"
much more enjoyable. This is my personal choice of course.
I think it is rather reducing when you have to beg unkind vendors to eventually
consider that you exist.
I don't think proprietary binary formats have their place on the web. The WWW is
an information exchange platform, why would you want to diffuse information
around the globe when you know that a lot of people will not be able to decipher
it? It's a bit arrogant I think.


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