Wojciech Puchar wrote:

Even if you do have hardware that supports half-duplex gigabit ethernet
on both ends, the need to do carrier extension for any frame shorter
than 512 bytes so that CSMA/CD actually works on a reasonable sized
cable, does horrible things to your throughput if you've got lots of
small frames. (In other words, at gigabit speeds, frames smaller than
512 bytes zip down the wire so quickly that you can no longer reliably
detect collisions, so the frames all get padded.) I'm having trouble wrapping my head around any circumstances other than horribly, horribly broken hardware or software where half-duplex would increase your performance over full-duplex.

actually there are no gigabit devices incapable of full-duplex.

I would certainly hope so; I can't see much of a market for gigabit ethernet devices that can't do full-duplex. (I'm a touch confused, however, by your phrasing that as if you're rebutting something I wrote.)

--Jon Radel

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