> > I use postfix as my default MTA.
> > I can send E-mails with Outlook (via SMTP) to the users in my 
> computer, 
> > but not to the outdside world, with another domain.
> > How can I send e-mails to another domain?
> I use Postfix but I'm would like to know a bit more about the issues 
> you are having sending mail out. As long as you've correctly 
> configured you main.cf file (located in /etc/postfix) to recognize 
> your domain as a authorized domain for mail you should be fine. Also 
> make sure you have a POP3 daemon running in /etc/inetd.conf so 
> you can retrieve mail.
> I have been using Postfix for about 3 years and it's by far the 
> easiest MTAs to configure. I hope this information helps you. But if 
> not please feel free to reply.
I heared qmail is the easiest one. :)))
Never mind about that.
"By default, the Postfix SMTP server will accept mail only from or to the 
local network or domain"--from postfix.org
And I would like to accept from another domain. So if I am in Mexico or 
France I can send and E-mail without modifing my setup files.
My main.cf is the default one. Only some arguements are modified: 
myhostname, that don't affect the smtp server?
How can I make my SMTP work this way? Of course with some security.

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