Its great to get it confirmed that FreeBSD Libc is only /usr/src/lib/libc/* as 
I presumed.

I have compiled and installed the FreeBSD Libc into a temp directory. The size 
of /tmp/ is about 65,000 bytes smaller than /lib/

The /lib/ is dated May 25, 2008. I did not touch CFLAGS or anything 
other than DESTDIR. But I really forgot, the gcc version is different. The 
/lib/ is by gcc 4.2.1, but the /tmp/ is by gcc 4.3.0. May be 
the code generation of the latest gcc may be better.

indeed it is better. while difference between gcc 3.* and 4.* is HUGE in respect of code size. after i upgraded to FreeBSD 7 from 6.3 (so gcc got upgraded to 4.*) i recompiled bash. same version, >20% smaller!

finally gcc turned to rule "small code=fast code", always true on processors with at least 1 level of cache, not mentioning 2 or 3 cache levels :)
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