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I'm kinda in the same situation : XP Pro, WMWare 3.2, several
virtual machines running fine (linux,w2k), but the freebsd
5-RELEASE is quite a pain to use in this env.

The guest OS keeps on slowing down, to the point that it's

Kris Kenna talked about a kernel option for fix this. The
problem would be related to a specific opcode emulation
done by VMWare.
If you look in the file:

You will find an option called CPU_DISABLE_CMPXCHG

You need to compile a kernel which has this option when running
under VMWare.  You can not use this option with the SMP option,
but then you probably should not be using an SMP kernel when
running under VMWare!

I realize you then have the problem of how to compile the new
kernel when it takes so long to do anything with the standard
GENERIC kernel.  Perhaps it would go better if you booted up in
single-user mode, and then compiled and installed the new kernel.
However, that is just a guess on my part.  It would probably be
easier to get someone else to compile a 5.0-release kernel with

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