Brian Henning wrote:
Let me try again, here is my situation and question with a little more detail.

My local network ( consists of two machine BSD1 ( and

BSD2 ( Both of these machines use the subnet mask
and gateway

There is a third machine GATEWAY (, ip address from isp) has two
nics and acts as the router.

All of these machine are connected to a switch locally.

When my internet connection goes down for whatever reason I
loose connections in my local network. For example, i can't ping
from is there any explaination for this?
Not that I can think of.  There's no reason I can imagine that your local
connectivity should suffer from Internet problems.  Especially if you're
connecting via IP address (which rules out DNS problems).

Could you provide 'netstat -rn' and 'ifconfig' output from GATEWAY, please.
I don't see anything in the other information you provided that would
indicate any sort of misconfig on BSD2.

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

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