I am also (very) interested in running FreeBSD under HyperV since HyperV will
liberate itself from Windows Server soon after the final release (it will not 
on an preliminary Windows Server installation but will be "standalone" and
practically free of charge, which makes it (for me) a very interesting 

Im trying to set up a FreeBSD VM under Hyper-V but i the instalation
do not start. i try x86 and x64 boot disk only (for a net install).
The error i got is "cant load kernel".

Im a novice on FreeBSD but i have set up a few small server with it. Any idea?

You didn't say which version of FreeBSD you are trying.

Please try a snapshot of 8-CURRENT (from
ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/) to see if anything
changes. There have been improvements to the boot loader recently.

I've heard that it works (at least boots) with 8-CURRENT. Are there plans to
include support for FreeBSD 7.x branch too? That would be really cool. Yes, I
know, patches are welcome.

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