I haven't heard/read about any huge CPU consumptions from ZFS, not yet

as i already said. most people today have problems as they have too fast CPU and too much RAM ;)

they don't see high CPU load on quad core machine with 16GB RAM having not big load :)

For the memory I've read that ZFS use up to approximately 700MB of ram

UFS use what's unused. works on 16MB and 16GB.

project anyway. The live-cd hangs on "device detect".
One of the pros for OpenSolaris I've noticed is the support for a
virtual host

man jail

while maybe not with resource control like on solaris, but i use it with success. it's really excellent.

but use nullfs with it to be able to share binaries.

I have now found a filesystem for linux that do checksum on the fly,

but why you need it?! all PATA/SATA drives do checksumming on every read.
in hardware, no CPU load.
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