people :      I am facing a  issue , in my FreeBSD server box   the   /var  
(85 %  now)  directory is going to full , no space left in this  disk anymore .

But I have another disk in my box  which is of 140 GB fresh disk , this I have 
to add so I gone through 
the FreeBSD hand book of adding a new disk .

  According to docs  I  sliced and partitioned the second disk ,

 one doubt  :  here I created  10GB  bsd partition  in the second disk  ,

I have to assign o assign this  for /var (in my first  disk  /var is going to 

Q1   )      so in /etc/fstab , the mount point what I have to specify  ?  

 /var itself or  I need to create a directory  (mkdir   /myspace ) 

 and add it as the mount point in /etc/fstab  ?    like this 

    /dev/da1s1e    /myspace       ufs      rw      2     2


      /dev/da1s1e      /var       ufs      rw     2    2   

which one is correct  ?

and after this editing of  /etc/fstab   and restarting of the machine .

Q 2  )   my  serverbox  how it will continue to use the newly added space ? for 
this I have to do any thing 

some one told me that I have to copy all the contents of the /var  of first 
disk to this newly added  space 

is it right ?

how to do that 

Q3 )    dd    /dev/da0s1d   /dev/da1s1/e      right ?  (to copy the content 
from   /var (/dev/da0s1d)   of  the first disk  to   the newly added space   
for var   on the second disk    (/dev/da1s1e ) 

Q4 )  Is it needed to install all the applications which already installed in 
the /var of the first disk to the  newly 

added space on the second disk? 

please give your tips and advice to  achieve   what I am trying to do.  Many of 
you may have done this 

before please help with your comments 

Thanks in advance for all of you 

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