x> hardware support.

actually there is not much need to have it for RAID-0/1/10 where there is
almostnothing to process.

For mirrors it can actually be a big win with hardware support.
If you use software RAID then you will have to perform each write twice
(once to each disk),
in parallel
while with hardware support for RAID you only need
to transfer the data once.

which saves at most 100MB/s bandwidth - compare this to 5-10GB/s in modern machines.

If the controller resides on a PCI-bus together
with several other devices (which is not uncommon) then the reduced
bandwidth usage can be very useful.

true. but not if it's builtin in chipset or on PCI express.

there are really not worth price. unless you need RAID-5.

but with todays disk prices it's better to just use RAID-1+0 and bigger drives.

with software RAID you are not forced to operate on whole disks. usually not everything has to be mirrored.
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