I just discovered that firefox can save motion video
in addition to displaying it. But I don't know how
to play back the saved video.cgi file. Mplayer
complains about missing configuration data.

Does anyone know how to play back the file saved
by firefox?

In this instance, firefox is simply saving the stream of data from the server, and giving it a name that matches the last path component in the URL (in this case, video.cgi). The format of the file is not likely to be understood by anything other than firefox (at least, as I've found), as it is most likely a multipart/mime-encoded file containing a sequence of images, like from an internet-enabled webcam.

Your best bet, if this is the case, is to use a mime parser to extract each of the individual pictures from the file, then use a proper video encoder to glue them together with the appropriate metadata to allow video players to understand them. Mplayer's mencoder can do so, and can even encode to MJPEG, for little to no loss in quality; although you may have issues choosing a proper framerate, as mime-based image streaming isn't always stable.

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