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Yes, I am already planning to upgrade :)
At this time, it is not available in Greece (though I have spotted a few on ebay). Even more important than the 20Gb SSD is the 9 inch display with a resolution of 1024x600.
800x480 is really small for anything more other than taking notes.

Maybe you know this page, Manolis:

it has a detailed technical report about all items of which the 900 20GB
model is made of;

Ah, nice! Thanks for the link. It will be a good read.
a dealer in CH will get next week the original US version:

There are a few sold on ebay. I believe this model will also appear in Greek eshops soon.
take care, there is an issue about the battery having only 4400 mAh
(because of some fire in an ASUS supplier) while the original model have
had a 5800 mAh battery;


I will wait then. I prefer to get a model with a larger battery. The one I have now, lasts more or less 2 - 2.30 hours and I believe it has the same 4400mAh battery. The larger screen and SSD will probably make this even less on the 900. Unlike larger laptops, I really like to work the eee on battery only. In fact having to carry only this small laptop instead of all the usual accessories is a big plus to me.

On a side note, I am thinking of writing a complete article about installing FreeBSD 7.0 on the eeepc, including customizations and optimizations, different installations methods, with links to download ready-built customized kernels etc. Don't know whether it will have any real audience though ;) Most people run some Linux distro on it or even (gasp) Windows...
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I would be interested in a how to for FreeBSD on the Asus eee


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