quick question I can't seem to figure out
I have a FreeBSD 7 computer and I am having trouble with dhclient

here is my setup

Ethernet cable directly from fxp0 to a DSL Modem(that serves 192.168.0.x via
A wireless card(ral0) in hostap mode it has a static ip of I
have dhcpd running and configured to listen on ral0 interface. it is
supposed to had out DHCP(192.168.1.x) to wifi clients.

fxp0 needs to use dhclient to obtain a IP from the DSL modem
the problem is, if I run dhclient fxp0, I get a reply from the ral0 dhcpd
how do I tell fxp0 to forget about ral0 and listen for the DSL modem's dhcp
server ?

isn't there some quick dhclient.conf setting?

Sam Fourman Jr.
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