Written by Pietro Cerutti on 06/10/08 16:52>>
> Martin Cracauer wrote:
> | I'll have to repartition my 6.3 notebook anyway.  Can you remind me
> | which filesystems I can have background fsck on? My current single
> | filesystem install checks it in foreground.
> |
> | If I have a separate /boot, would / be background fscked?
> |
> | Or is the root filesystem always foreground checked?
> AFAIK, UFS supports background checks as long as the fstab entries don't
> include the async option.


To be eligible for background cleaning it must have been running
with soft updates, not have been marked as needing a foreground
check, and be mounted and writable when the background check is
to be done.  If these conditions are met, then fsck_ffs exits
with a zero exit status.  Otherwise it exits with a non-zero exit
status.  If the file system is clean, it will exit with a non-
zero exit status so that the clean status of the file system can
be verified and reported during the foreground checks.

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