Wojciech Puchar wrote:

no it is not! that's why i'm asking.

Oh, for heaven's sake. We all know you like to shoot off your mouth. Now go back to my mail and read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH BEFORE YOU ANSWER AGAIN. Jeez.

so maybe you should explain clearer because i do read what you write.

In summary, what he means is this:

You have a (perhaps legacy) DNS server running as dns3.tensor.gdynia.pl (RRs snipped for brevity):

pearl# dig aaaa dns3.tensor.gdynia.pl
dns3.tensor.gdynia.pl.  21682   IN      AAAA    2001:4070:101:2::1

...which appears to be the same IP address as your workstation.

pearl# dig AAAA wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl. 4732   IN      AAAA    2001:4070:101:2::1

...however, any attempt to gather information from dns3. simply fails, due to your administrative policy (named not allowing outside networks).

I'm willing to bet that you will see attempts from 2607:f118::b6 (or ::b7) in your workstation logs as rejected for AAAA lookups.

I don't see any reference to dns3. in the WHOIS, so perhaps it has been removed recently.

Any provider who still has this dns3 server listed as a possible authoritative name server may round-robin to it and produce the logs on your workstation you are witnessing. It is very possible that this server is still listed as a NS for the domain and I just didn't look hard enough for it.

FYI (IMHO), this type of question would be better suited for [EMAIL PROTECTED] You would likely have far more eyes on your question over there by people who focus primarily on this sort of thing.


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