I have one main server and several slave machines. All machines are running
FreeBSD 7.0. I have done a csup to my server and have done a
'portsupgrade -ap' to build and install my current selection of ports on the
server. This proceedure also creates the packages in /usr/ports/packages/All.
I would now like to sync my other machines using the packages found on this
server. Each slave machine has a skeleton of the ports tree.

Reading the portinstall doco I thought I could do something like:

# setenv PKG_SITES "http://myhost/packages/";
# portupgrade -avPP
--->  Session started at: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:35:31 +0000
** None has been installed or upgraded.
--->  Session ended at: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 16:35:41 +0000 (consumed 00:00:10)

I can see that there are packages out of date but I am not sure how to tell
the ports/packages environment what to do. Do I need to do a csup on all
my slave machines. If so they may be out of sync with the master that I
may have processed a week before (for testing).

What is the correct proceedure for keeping packages in sync with a master
repository without the need to rebuild each port on each machine.

I am able to do a 'portinstall -PPR packagename' on a slave machine to
retrieve a new package so I know that the PKG_SITES is correct and working.

Daryl Sayers
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