Heikki Suonsivu wrote:
I need to get something to run on x86 computers which do not contain math in hardware, and FreeBSD dropped non-math cpus long time ago. NetBSD did the same, so Linux seems to be the only possibility.

So, the question:

What is the linux distro which is closest to FreeBSD in terms of installation and use. A linux with basic userland and ports(-like) system, and quick and easy install like FreeBSD ?

Heikki Suonsivu

I don't think you will have much luck installing any modern linux distro on ancient hardware. In your case, I would consider running an older version of FreeBSD, like e.g. 4.11. This will work without a math co-processor. You can see the hardware notes here:


Download from ftp-archive, here:


See also this very interesting post on minimum memory requirements for each FreeBSD version:


I have a 4.11 installed successfully on a 386 with 20Mb RAM.

You could also go with a Linux version specifically for old PCs, but better have a look at distrowatch.com for these.

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