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Nameservers are hitting an address of yours. Therefore something is probably handing out your address. Somebody (that would be me) has looked up the address in question and even looked up the nameserver which is handing out that address in a glue record.

A simple problem EASILY solved.

Why bother the owner of the misconfigured nameserver?

Instead, simply insert a wildcard record to your namesever
that hands out the IP number of the nastiest porno site you
can find to any DNS query.

After a few days the owners of the misconfigured nameservers
or clients will go hunting for whatever is poisoning their cache.

Problem solved.


Silly me, I've always believed that people setup nameservers because they want their resources to be found. Having one the parents of your zone point to a random machine of yours, which you then use to serve crap records, strikes me as somewhat counterproductive. And I really fail to see why whomever runs the parent zone would even notice. So I rather suspect that the log messages which so traumatize Wojciech would continue.

Problem not solved.

--Jon Radel

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