now i made my tests with FreeBSD 7. no installer, my semi-custom kernel i use everywhere on x86 (everything moduled, all needed things in loader.conf).

i used qemu


16MB RAM - boots without problems, no swapping at all
12MB - boots without problems, little bit swapping
10MB - boots without problems, more swapping, hanged after booting multiuser, before displaying login. probably out of kernel memory for consoles 10MB again - after turning of all consoles but the first, boots fine, somehow usable, but for routers should be OK.

then i made REALLY custom kernel. minimal but enough for a router.

was able to get down to 9MB.

so - on 12MB 486DX, FreeBSD 7 is useful system for routing, firewalling, small nameserver, general control etc.

with 16MB - swap is barely touched.

486DX machines with 8-16MB RAM and small (like 100-500MB) disks are for free here, ISA network cards too.

good to know they can run newest FreeBSD release!
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