On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 14:56:52 -0500, Walter wrote:

>>>I have no manual for this (used) Acer Pentium 120.
>>>The Acer web site does not appear to have schematics
>>>or other MB information (that I could find).  And
>>>looking at the MB I see nothing that leads me (a
>>>non-tech) to think there's a VGA/MGA selector.
>>>Anything particular writing or abbreviations I
>>>might look for?  (Good thought.)
>> sometimes they say "vid" "video" "vga/mono" "color/mono"
>> but since it is a "brand name" that has been mass produced (ie designed
>> to log into AOL and play solitare), it probably doesn't have one, or it
>> is labeled something obscure like "JP34" or something like that. :(
>Nothing like that I saw on the Acer..  BUT!
>I also have an (old) HP 486, and on its MB
>there's a VGADIS set of pins.  So moving the
>jumper over allowed the monochrome monitor
>to work (disabled the VGA)!  THANKS!!

cool.  I run my home mail/firewall/natd/etc on a 486dx4/133 so you
should be in good shape

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