Ian Smith wrote:
However, what normally happens to attachments to questions@, at least to
digests, is that they get stripped with a note pointing to the original
attachment, as this subsequent message from Chad illustrates:
Which makes sense - attachments don't clog up the list, and people can download them if they want. What I think is happening is that the attachment is being stripped, and Outlook is looking for it since it can be inferred that it exists from the MIME type. Of course, the error should be that the message can't be authenticated (That's what Mail does, and it's just a line, not a modal dialog), and have nothing to do with the recipient needing a certificate. But I think it's more general, as a PGP signature (which is no different from any other attachment) also caused Bob the error. I wonder if *any* scrubbed attachment will cause a problem?

I just had to set up another system as my macbook's network card has died, so I'll send a signed message with Thunderbird in a minute to see if it also causes the error. Bob, if it still causes an error, you should seriously look at changing to a mail client which won't cause you these problems, since you can't control what users on mailing lists send you :).

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