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Hey all,

I have tried using swfdec-plugin to do flash, but it doesnt seem to work too
well at least with firefox.
One ... I prefer being able to select what flash loads automaticly and
Two ... I like to be able to see the flash video but all it does is freeze

I can't seem to get linux-flashplugin7 anymore due to the restricted status.
Flashplugin9 locks up also, which we all know already. I have heard gnash
doesnt do much better... Anyone have a solution that works halfway?

I've got a question. A friend has been loaning me his old laptop at work that runs Ubuntu and flash runs fine. I have not been able to make it fail, yet at least. Could there be a clue in Ubuntu somewhare? I'm actually thinking of running it under kqemu, if there isn't too much overhead, on my amd64 laptop until this gets sorted out.

If anyone has flash9 working dependably under freebsd, please let us know how.


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