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Steve Lake <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>          Hi all.  Ok, I'm curious of something.  I've done torrents
> before via the graphical interface before, but I want to setup a way
> to download isos and various FOSS apps via bittorrent, but I want to
> do it via the console so I can start a torrent in screen and then
> walk away, allowing my server to finish the work without having to
> leave my main workstation running to do the work like I normally do.

You might also consider mldonkey, which does the the file sharing via
a daemon (mlnet) which you can connect to via various methods,
including telnet, a web interface, and several GUI applications. It's
primarily an ed2k client and its BT support isn't very sophisticated,
but it does have the advantage that the daemon will start from rc.d and
run in the background without any manual intervention.
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