Frank Shute wrote:
I didn't think you'd be having the odd game of Quake on one of your
boxes. But think of it as an added feature! :)

Oh, doom does not require fp, its integer only and on 100MHz Pentium it was very smooth! I did couple of hour-long doom sessions on one of our FreeBSD routers while waiting for a bug to regenerate itself in one of our pops some time around 1996 :)

I was referring to the 100MHz 486 you looked at.

I'd still get an fpu so you can install a largely unpatched OS of your
choice even if the fpu is redundant beyond installing the OS.

I guess you looked at the Soekris stuff and discounted it. Shame,
because a lot of folks find them useful with *BSD.

The last I checked Soekris boards were using more power. We use similar boards from for wireless routers. This application I am working on needs a computer with VGA and sound interfaces.



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