In the last 4 months I bought a new monitor to replace the one that clunked out in me. I am currently using it with an old PS2 type keyboard and mouse attached to a creaky old desktop that will eventually be replaced. Likely I will want to replace it with a laptop with wifi and a lot more memory and hard drive so that I can take it with me. Can I still use the old monitor as a second display?

Can this be done?  Is it done?  What are the issues?

Xorg support 2 monitors.
be default you will simply get two X displays (:0.0 and :0.1), first default, and use second by
DISPLAY=:0.1 program

or you may use Xinerama in X11 that creates one virtual display from two.

if you have 2 monitors, two keyboards and two mice, you may use it as 2-use system with patched X11, i made a patch but a long time ago, it will not work ouf of the box with new Xorg
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