Pascal Giannakakis wrote:
ARRRRRRGH!!! FFS!!! I ordered 2 of these, based on availability and the
list, and now i read i might be unsupported! >:( Could NE1 please confirm this card is
running under FreeBSD 5.0?
I'm beginning to suspect there are multiple versions of this card. Some of the websites I've found seem to suggest a card that consists of a removable PCMCIA card in a PCI adapter. What I have doesn't resemble that at all. I've already been burned by the D-Link DWL-650 PCMCIA card I bought for my laptop -- it was on a supported list for Linux, but what I didn't realize is that there are no less than three completely different cards with the same part number! This kind of thing is enough to make you want to give up doing wireless networking under open-source operating systems.

I haven't tried Andrea's suggestion yet, but I hope to this weekend.

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