Brad Mettee wrote:
Hi all,

I'm new to FreeBSD and don't have a lot of time to go digging through archives/info to find answers, so excuse this if it's a "noob" question. It's an emergency server build, and needs to be solid and fast.

Will FreeBSD have any problems running on the following hardware? Which would be better FreeBSD 6.3 or 7?

Intel Quad Core Extreme 3Ghz, LGA775
Asus P5K-E Motherboard (P35 chipset, Onboard LAN)
4G Kingston DDR 2 RAM (PC2 6400)
Seagate 500G, SATA 2, 7200RPM
GeForce 7200GS 128MB 32-bit GDDR2 PCI-E x16 Video Card (basically a cheap vid card)

Thanks in advance.

(I've been building/running x86 boxes since DOS 3.3, just haven't had need of *nix environment yet, so I'm not total noob)

If you are a total "noob" as you put it, you will have to put considerable amounts of time into this, understanding basic UNIX / FreeBSD concepts and such. May I suggest you start reading the handbook right away:

Concerning the compatibility of your hardware, read the release notes:

(I suggest you go with FreeBSD 7 unless there is any specific reason not to)

The specs seem ok to me. The graphics card is unimportant for a server (nvidia cards work OK in general) and according to the specs you have a Marvel LAN supported by the msk(4) driver. It should work fine. To use your 4Gb RAM efficiently, go with the 64bit version of FreeBSD (known as "amd64")
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