Novembre wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 6:59 AM, Tore Lund <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Novembre wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is there any way to answer the posts in the mailing lists if one is not
>>> subscribed to the list and does not receive them in his mailbox? From
>> time
>>> to time, I see posts which I can actually answer and contribute to, but
>>> since I'm not subscribed to the lists, even if I post an answer to the
>>> person asking the question and CC it to the list, it doesn't regroup with
>>> other posts on the same topic. Is there any way around this?
>> Besides what Randy wrote, several mailing lists are mirrored to
>> newsgroups.  I subscribe to muc.lists.freebsd.questions, even though I
>> am subscribed to the list.  (I prefer not to receive all that stuff as
>> e-mail.)  When answering a post, I have to edit the addresses, but my
>> answer is then threaded properly.
>> --
>>     Tore
> I'm sorry, but I didn't quite get it. Do you mean that if I subscribe to the
> newsgroup which mirrors the list, and if I answer the question in the
> newsgroup, then it will be shown properly in the freebsd mailing lists as
> well? I mean, is the mirroring one way or both-ways?

The mirroring is one-way only.  What I do in Thunderbird is to hit
"Reply to All", delete the address lines beginning with "muc*" and add
the address line "To:".

I believe you said you were using a browser, so I don't know if what I
describe can be done through some web site.  But it works fine for me in
Thunderbird, and it will probably work fine in any other newsreader.

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