On Friday 13 June 2008, David Kelly wrote:

> Still, I don't understand what is going on when I use md5(1) on a
> gigabyte file hosted on a gstripe partition with 128k stripes that
> "systat -v" reports transactions are usually between 42k and 43k each?

Even more unlikely, why are *my* numbers almost identical to yours?  Here's 
a snapshot of mine at this very second:

Disks   da0   da1   da2   da3   da4
KB/t  26.77 42.05 41.70 41.98 41.70

where da[1-4] are my gstripe providers with a 128KB stripe size.  I find it 
unlikely that our workloads are so similar that we'd coincidentally have 
almost the exact same values.
Kirk Strauser

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