Upon execution during the boot sequence, /boot/loader panics with
something about "guard1" and reboots. The system in question is a 586
running 4.7-STABLE from February 12, 2003; however, this problem has
been persisting for quite some time. I have tried installing new boot
code into the slice using disklabel as well as updating the MBR, neither
of which fixed the problem. Do any of you know what may be causing this
and/or how to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I apologize for not providing the text that appears on the screen; the
whole process takes place very quickly and as such it does not stay
around long enough for me to copy it down. If there is a way to get
these messages, I would be happy to do whatever was needed in order to
make troubleshooting this problem less difficult.

Mark Laws                                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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