Robert Huff wrote:
Chris Whitehouse writes:

 sysutils/fusefs-ntfs/files/README.FreeBSD refers to various
 environment variables, eg UBLIO_BLOCKSIZE and others. How do I
 find out what they are set to? set and printenv don't find
 them. I'm using standard csh

In that case, try "setenv" with no arguements.

                                Robert Huff

No not that either. Shouldn't I somehow be able to get into ntfs-3g's environment? From README.FreeBSD

eco# env UBLIO_BLOCKSIZE=2097152 ntfs-3g /dev/ad0s1 /ad0s1
UBLIO_BLOCKSIZE: Undefined variable.

But it must be getting set because write speed changes when the block size is changed.

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