Olivier Mueller wrote:

Small but curious thing on my freebsd-based systems: when a
server is rebooted, it generates a peak (or "spike"?) on the
network mrtg for all interfaces (here just before 1 am): http://8304.ch/om/stuff/mrtg_localhost_1-day.png

This could happen if either the daemon fails to correctly provide ifCounterDiscontinuityTime or mrtg fails to correctly interpret sysUpTime and/or ifCounterDiscontinuityTime.

It happens with both net-snmp and ucd-snmp, with a quite standard mrtg installation (generated by cfgmaker).
Do you have the same "issue" on your own servers?  All I can add, is
that there is not such a high traffic after a reboot, and that it
doesn't happen on similar linux-based systems.

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