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> >> flash, so don't use it.
> >>
> > i don't use flash - don't need to see all those advertizements. and
> > quite frankly, i generally find flash sites irritating anyway.
> i don't use it because sites that RELY on flash rarely (almost never)
> have any useful contents.

However, there are many banking institutions that use Flash. I also
belong to several 'Officials Associations' that require the use of
Flash. They are using Flash, not just to make my life easier, but to
simplify theirs.

All this nonsense about using third party programs to download content
from sites such as, but not limited to YouTube, is just unacceptable.
If I navigate to a URL, I fully expect to be able to view all of that
site's content as easily using FreeBSD as I can using Window's with IE.
or even Firefox. Anything less is just not acceptable.


A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.

        Adlai Stevenson

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