Im sorry to repeat a thread from last week, but ive been trying ever since to 
upgrade a
port and havent been able to. If someone can make another suggestion, i would be
very very greatful.

As i said in the "libcdio upgrade problems" thread, i have installed the 
libcdio port, but
when other ports try to build, they fail, telling me that libcdio is already 
installed and i
need to make deinstall and make reinstall of it. I did this, but got the same 
Ive tried every variant, and would be happy to try brute force versions too. I 
it and let the other port try to install it, i deinstalled all related ports so 
things could try 
again from scratch, i set the environment variables about forcing package 
whatever i could.

The ports tree is up to date. Id install libcdio as a package, but its not new 

Something must be corrupted somewhere and i want to fix it, manually if 
necessary, but i
just dont know what to do.

Thanks again and sorry for the new thread, but Im running out of options.


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