Sorry, this was all discussed in the original thread. The port is the 
sysutils/libcdio port. I 
use portupgrade to keep things up to date. This machine is running FreeBSD

In this case libcdio itself upgrades correctly, but other ports (for example 
when i try to update them, report that libcdio is already installed and i need 
to make
deinstall and then make reinstall of libcdio. I can do this, and it "works", 
but then rerunning
portupgrade on gvfs reports the same thing about libcdio. If just do a make 
deinstall of
libcdio and run portupgrade on gvfs, then gvfs will "sucessfully" install 
libcdio but when
it gets back to gvfs, reports the same make deinstall/make reinstall thing. In 
it seems that no matter what i do, other ports wont see libcdio as being 
installed at the current version, and im looking for a way to solve this.



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Subject: Re: Upgrading problem: confused dependencies
Date: Monday, June 16, 2008, 1:09 PM

At 01:11 PM 6/16/2008, Dr. Jennifer Nussbaum wrote:

Im sorry to repeat a thread from
last week, but ive been trying ever since to upgrade a

port and havent been able to. If someone can make another suggestion, i
would be

very very greatful.

As i said in the "libcdio upgrade problems" thread, i have
installed the libcdio port, but

when other ports try to build, they fail, telling me that libcdio is
already installed and i

need to make deinstall and make reinstall of it. I did this, but got the
same message.

Ive tried every variant, and would be happy to try brute force versions
too. I deinstalled

it and let the other port try to install it, i deinstalled all related
ports so things could try 

again from scratch, i set the environment variables about forcing package

whatever i could.

The ports tree is up to date. Id install libcdio as a package, but its
not new enough.

Something must be corrupted somewhere and i want to fix it, manually if
necessary, but i

just dont know what to do.

Thanks again and sorry for the new thread, but Im running out of


Your post doesn't specify what version of FreeBSD you are using. 
Nor does your post specify what port(s) are the issue, or what utility if
any you are using to upgrade a port.  

In general, you can use either portupgrade or portmanager to keep
installed ports up to date.  

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