Telpiz Sorin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>  tried several times to install 7.0-RELEASE x amd64 on my
> friend's machine that is eqiupped with hard drive manufactured by
> Samsung. The hard drive (master) appears to have SATA interface,
> nonetheless SYSINSTALL regognizes it as ad04!

That is fine.

> Besides, SYSINSTALL complains about the disk's geometry . 

Also probably not a problem; C/H/S geometries are rarely important
these days.

>                                                           The text
> console works very slowly, though the machine (ASUS motherboard) has
> 2 Gigs of RAM and a good GeForce video board. For comparison, my old
> IBM machine ( PentiumII , 128Mb RAM , 16Mb video memory ) runs Free
> BSD much more faster. Could you help us fix the trouble? 

Can you quantify the slowness?  This isn't much of an explanation for
us to work with...
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