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I've two Intel Xeon dual core-based servers running 7.0-RELEASE-p1
(amd64). Those servers are running a software raid-1 using
geom_gmirror. Today, when I rebooted them twice with 'reboot' command,
raid-1 running on both servers got degraded to 0% + filesystem check
resulted in 4-5 lost non-critical files. Later I found out that
'reboot' is not a recommended way to reboot a system, and I should use
'shutdown -r now'.

Anyways, I'm thinking to use gjournal (in addition to gmirror) on both
servers to avoid such situation in future. I'm already using gjournal
on my desktop (with no gmirror) running FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE-p1
(amd64), with no issues. So, I wanted to know if gjournal + gmirror
combo is stable enough to be used on a servers.

And, if I go for gjournal, since I've an existing filesystem, I've to
create a separate gjournal slice, so is it okay to create that gjournal
slice on a non-gmirror backed storage, hmm...?

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