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    Manolis> Ashish Shukla आशीष शुक्ल wrote:


    >> And, if I go for gjournal, since I've an existing filesystem, I've to
    >> create a separate gjournal slice, so is it okay to create that gjournal
    >> slice on a non-gmirror backed storage, hmm...?

    Manolis> You should keep in mind that the space required for the journal
    Manolis> depends on the usage load and not the size of the data provider. In
    Manolis> other words, if you are using the default 1Gb journal size on your
    Manolis> desktop, it may not be enough for a busy server.


    Manolis> I've used gjournal+gmirror on a machine - not anything really heavy
    Manolis> loaded, but it has given me no problems. I first created the 
    Manolis> and the gmirror-ed the entire disk.  It works as you should 
expect. I
    Manolis> have not tried creating the journal on a non-mirrored storage. I
    Manolis> suppose this would work too, but I have no idea how safe it would 

I'll also opt for journal on mirrored storage, which is the same
storage device as data provider.

Thanks for the reply
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