tcp4      0       0*       CLOSED
tcp4      39      0*       CLOSED
tcp4      35      0*       CLOSED
tcp4      38      0*       CLOSED
tcp4      41      0*       CLOSED
tcp4      39      0*       CLOSED

These never go away; they gradually increase and increase until the application starts giving errors (probably because some socket or filedescriptor limit is reached). When the application is killed these entries disappear.

The application in question is a self written DNS server, multithreaded, and running fine for years without any troubles on both BSD 5.x as well as 6.x. Also 32bits as well as 64bits on 6.x.

do "stupid" thing - in your source add

#define socket TEST_SOCKET
#define connect TEST_CONNECT
#define bind TEST_BIND
#define listen TEST_LISTEN
....all other network functions you use same way here!

and write one .c program where all these TEST_* functions are defined, doing the same as original PLUS logging to file.

after a while (when you see this closed/unclosed connections) stop it and look at logs.

i'm almost sure you will notice where is a problem.

possibly threads implementation changed...
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