On 6/18/2008 9:49 PM, Aline de Freitas wrote:
Hi everyone!

In the 6.x series we could set hw.snd.pcm.vchans to 4 in order to have four
sound virtual channels. But under 7.0 it does not exist.

I've found dev.pcm.0.play.vchans which I did set to 4 but still I have
only /dev/dsp0.0. Does anyone knows how to deal with it under 7.x series?


Sorry for RTFM-style answer, but please read pcm(4) manpage :). Quote:

           The current number of VCHANs allocated
           per device.  This can be set to preal-
           locate a certain number of VCHANs.
           Setting this value to ``0'' will dis-
           able VCHANs for this device.

20061126 entry in /usr/src/UPDATING also mentions this change.

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