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> On Wed, 18 Jun 2008 09:16:09 -0400
> Bill Moran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Prad, once you _are_ logged in, is the server responsive?  Or does the
> > sluggishness persist?
> >
> there is no problem once we are in - the cpu is idle 95% and you can
> move around and do stuff without any slowdown at all.

Sounds like DNS, either that or a forking issue.  Run ssh with -v to see
details of where the process pauses.  You can also run sshd in foreground
mode on the server to see lots of debugging information.

> right now, at 11:30am pst we were experiencing very high activity due to
> a press release done in toronto on canadian horse slaughter from this
> site:
> the slowdown is upon us too - but i don't know if it is related or not
> because the ping times are varying from 100ms to 1000+ms to the same
> site(s). it's all over the place!

Sounds to me like your network is overwhelmed.  You need to get some
management stuff online -- what is the rate of traffic through each of
the interfaces involved?

> what is really weird is that the machine that hosts that site isn't the
> only one which has slowed down. the other machine which only serves
> email experiences the same thing (slow ssh connection, long ping times).

I'm confused as to why you think this is related to the machine when there
are multiple machines involved?  It sure sounds like a network issue, from
the description of the symptoms.

If you're _absolutely_ sure the problem started occurring with the 7
upgrade, I'd look at the possibility that the NICs you're using aren't
as well supported in 7 as they were in 6.  Have you verified all the
speed/duplex settings are matched?

> we are going to bypass the servers by using one of our dynamic ip
> addresses and see what it is like then. if that computer experiences a
> slowdown, i think it may suggest that the problem is due to network
> activity within the cable company. if there is no slowdown, then that
> seems to point the problem exclusively to our servers.

That's also a good diagnostic step.

Bill Moran
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