I have this in my /etc/fstab:

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]/SHARE     /localmount            smbfs   rw              0  

This very nicely mounts an smbfs filesystem at boot time.  HOWEVER, if SRV
happens to not be up at the time FreeBSD boots, FBSD will halt and prompt
to go into single user mode thinking that there is a catastrophic problem.
I want the mount to occur if possible, and to be retried later if not
possible at boot time.  But I want this to occur automatically without
my having to poke at the machine manually to see to it.  

'noauto' was a tempting solution, but it seems not to work the way I'd expect.
I added it to the entry, manually unmounted /localmount, and then did
a 'mount -a'.  The smbmount did not come back.

Ideas anyone?

Tim Daneliuk     [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PGP Key:         http://www.tundraware.com/PGP/

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