> Ryan Coleman wrote:
>> Is there a way to figure out what order drives were supposed to go in
>> for
>> a RAID 5? Using a hex tool?
> Do you mean that you physically unplugged them, and they were not labeled?
> What kind of disk controller is it?
> Technically, AFAIK, the order should not matter. The stripe on the disk
> should know what is where and simply run with it. In practice however...
>> I have time to figure all this out.
> What happens when you try it?
> Is FreeBSD in use in any form or fashion at all on these drives, or is
> this a generalized hardware question?
> Steve

It's a HighPoint pATA controller, one drive went kaput so I replaced it
with another 250G drive and went to rebuild and it wouldn't go. The drive
itself wasn't actually dead, I did some running tests on it and it spun up
OK in an enclosure and then in another machine. So I tried to put the
drive back on the array and it doesn't believe in having data anymore.

This is a 4x250G R5 (so ~750G logical) that does have data on it that I
would very much like to recover somehow. I know this is very likely a
fruitless endeavor, I just need to try. OnTrack and other recovery places
are just too expensive for this. I can dig up the old logs (I think) from
when she was firing errors two weeks ago. The drive was formatted UFS2 as
one large logical drive in sysinstall.

Hope that's helpful.
Thanks for the reponse.
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