> Ryan Coleman wrote:
>>> Ryan Coleman wrote:
>>>>> Ryan Coleman wrote:
>>> Oh, I completely forgot to ask...
>>> Does the RAID still operate even though one disk is bad?
>>> After all, that is the purpose of RAID-5. stripe, with parity. One
>>> fails, the other two (or N) keep right on going...
>>> Or, is it a RAID-5 card that you put into operation as a RAID-0 span?
>>> If the latter is the case, good luck ;)
>> No, I'm not that stupid. :) My old job, we had the big LaCie drives and
>> one of the 4 250Gs in it would fail and they were f*ed. I went to
>> replace
>> the drive right away so I wouldn't be in that situation.
>> When I went to rebuild in the BIOS it failed at 2%, no matter what 250G
>> drive I put in to fill the spot.
> Hrm... I didn't implicitly attempt to call you stupid. I was asking a
> question, and laying out info for others that may not know as they
> follow the thread...
> Besides...if you are seriously considering a 7TB storage facility, then
> you already know that building a proper RAID solution should include
> controllers that are hot-swappable, and will rebuild the array either as
> soon as you pop a new drive in, or with a hot-spare, without having to
> reboot and waste three hours rebuilding via a BIOS software.

I didn't mean to make it seem like you did, I just wanted to say I'm no
fool :)

I can rebuild with HighPoint's web interface when necc. and I hope to be
able to upgrade the controller from the 8-port I have to a 12-port in the
next year this putting a spare in the case. I have two extra drives still
in their bags in case something does happen, I don't have to wait days to
get a replacement drive in.

I'm sorry I implied that you called me stupid. Just been a struggle with
this one machine for the last few weeks.
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