Hi Anton.

I'm no expert here, but I found that installing perl
without threads works for the vast majority of ports.

In one occasion I needed to recompile perl with thread
because another port required so.

Also, I remember that using WITH_THREADS=yes came together
with a warning that it could break other applications
requiring perl.

So, if not a requirement, I'd stick with perl without threads.

Best regards.


Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
Should I build ports/lang/perl5.8 WITH_THREADS=yes ?

I run FreeBSD-7.0-stable on old compaq armada1700 laptop.
I don't use perl myself much, but many ports I use rely on it.

How will this affect performance of perl on my laptop?

More to the point, are there any ports which require perl with threads?
For example, can ImageMagick post-build test failures (using PerlMagick,
perl5.8.8 exited on signal 11) be related to the fact that perl is installed
with no threaded support?

many thanks

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