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> Do you have PF installed? pftop is a quick way to see what's  
> happening on the network interface.
thanks john that's a good utility!
also, thanks bill for the explanation of the ssh problem.

we've found the problem we think after a lot of testing and working with
the fellow from the cable company.

it was our old 10T hubs and nics. we'd put together our server with bits
and pieces given to us or bought from the salvation army or value
village. it was a homeschooling project for my son and me. it's worked
just fine for us until this media blitz that started recently.

normally, our most active sites might get 10000 hits a month, but
what's been happening is we're exceeding that per day. june 11 was
35000+ and yesterday was 44500+

that's what seemed to be bogging everything down.

so we bought some 100T switches and nics. we also went to cat6 cabling
from cat5 and it looks like we're keeping up with the demand nicely now.

now we're thinking about replacing our old 700MHs servers (one has
192M the other 128M), with something more powerful. but that's going
to be a subject for another thread.

all the assistance here is very much appreciated! 

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