2008/6/19 David Robillard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> > Well yes, this is precisely the reason why we use a SIGHUP (equivalent to
> > "apachectl restart") instead of a SIGUSR1 (apachectl graceful). We don't
> > really care about a few broken client connections since the logs are
> rotated
> > at a quiet time.
> >
> > Of course, YMMV.
> Yes, of course :)
> > regards,
> > Ruben
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> DA+
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Thank u all very much guys....i will see if i do a graceful or simply a
restart cause i dont think the apache will be getting too many connections
all the time....but that clarifications was quite good David....and thank u
for the example....that is always the best way to understand things...much

Will try both....just a question about compression...What i understood from
your mail is that as apache takes some time to let his children close all
connections i shouldn zip those logs cause, newsyslog wont wait till apache
finishes and probably will xip logs that are still being access by the
children? if htat is the case using a HUP will close all and allow me to use

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