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> >>
> >> newfs,mount,copy files,umount
> >>
> >> bsdlabel -B disk
> >
> > But this does not create slices, does it?
> yes. because slices are not needed if you want freebsd-only
> disk - that's 
> why i asked for.

IC, sorry may be I did not make myself clear enough then. The fdisk statement I 
ran only with one partition entry is to learn fdisk, that's why I ran in test 

I need at least 2 partitions, one for FreeBSD 7 and other for FreeBSD 8. I need 
two slices for that.

I still need to understand clearly how to create slices in FreeBSD. I know 4 
slices per disk can be created.

The question is, is what I posted on my first post sufficient to create slices 

Btw, thank you very much for so many replies without giving up :)


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